A lot of people ask me, “where the eff do you find this stuff?” The answer is everywhere. I started collecting images that made me laugh, and when I had enough, I began posting them to my Facebook page. The Album of Awesomeness was born. Soon enough, I had way too many images for a Facebook album and hence, the website was created. A big thanks goes out to my good friends over at FreshForm Interactive who made the website a reality.

For the record, none of the images you see here are being presented as my own. The copyright belongs to the original owner of these images and this website is receiving no financial compensation from the content presented within.

If you see your work on this website and would like it to be referenced, please email me at theycallmeredbeard@gmail.com with the proper credit info and url and I will add your details to the website.

Thanks, and be awesome.